Player Profile: Dave Fay

Dave got started playing darts in the shed with his father in 1972 and has been playing in competition since around 1974. That’s about 35 years! He is 55 now.

Dave was born in Furness, Lancashire, England and currently resides in Whyalla, South Australia. He first qualified to represent the Whyalla team in the South Australian Country Championships in 1978.


He has won all of the various singles titles in the Monday league and the Wednesday league and several open competitions around town too.

I had a look in his trophy room which had three shelves about a foot deep extending the length of the room full of trophies, medals, badges, tankards, cups, placards and several other winners paraphernalia!

All of these are for first places as Dave has donated the runner-up trophies to the women’s leagues and to the juniors.

Dave has been selected to play in the Country Championship team 24 times so far and will play again this year. He hit six 180's in the weekend competition one year and has hit a phenomenal amount over the years both in the "Countries" and the local competitions.

Dave’s least darts in league is 11 and he has achieved the perfect 170 peg 3 times so far. One was against yours truly! Dave was the first to hit one in Whyalla.

Dave says his highest achievements were coming 9th in the play-off's for the state team, his 11 darter, 170 pegs and continued success as a Whyalla representative.

His favourite World darts player is John Lowe, because he is such a great ambassador for the game. Dave doesn't model his throw on any other player and just developed his own (very effective) style.

Dave's darts were 20gms new but weighed in at only 17gms when he had them re-pointed. He now has a set of near new 17gm Designa Ultralites which he acquired from myself during my visit to his home.

I asked Dave what tips he would give to up and coming dart players: "Get amongst the best players that you can find and practice against them and set up a dartboard at home to the correct dimensions and practice there too."

Dave sat on the Whyalla darts committee as assistant secretary for ten years and also served a year as secretary. This player profile was particularly important to include as he has been a great inspiration and role model to many players over the years including myself.

In 2004 Dave Fay was diagnosed with cancer. This caused him to miss a couple of years from 2007 to 2008 inclusive. He has had operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment and still has a battle ahead of him.

I wish Dave all the best and look forward to playing darts against and maybe even with him in the future for a long time to come. Cheers Dave!

Player Profile: Gordon Ashworth

Gordon plays in the Whyalla Monday League, Wednesday League, represents a Whyalla Team in the South Australian Super League and was picked as a reserve player for the Whyalla team for the SACDC (South Australian Country Darts Championships) in 2008.


Gordon is a popular player in the local leagues and has been playing for over thirty years.

He is happily married with two sons one of which is currently playing in the two Whyalla men's league teams with his Dad.

Gordon's son, Tim Ashworth, is an up-and-coming new player and is showing promise already. I'm sure he'll make's Player Profiles page before too long too!

Keep an eye on this page for the next player to be profiled on!

Click here then type 1803 into the search box to see Gordon's new darts.

Player Profile: Mark Simmonds

Mark began playing darts at home with his Dad who used to play in competition darts. He joined the Whyalla Darts League when he was 15 and played for the CIG team from the Centrals Footy Club for about three months before quitting for a couple of years. He is 37 so he has been playing for about 22 years now on and off.


He won his first singles championship in the form of the Tom Whitehouse Champion of Champions Trophy in 1995 and has since gone on to win around 25 singles championships in Whyalla darts. He has many winners’ trophies from team events also.

Mark has donated most of his trophies to other Whyalla darts leagues to help them out but has kept most of the inscription plates for his winning trophies. Most of Mark’s trophies, that he kept, are stored in his shed with only a handful kept inside. He keeps a beautiful weather station trophy, for achieving 600 180’s in Whyalla darts, in his lounge room.

Mark has hit over 800 180’s in Whyalla darts now which is the most 180’s by any Whyalla darts player ever! He has over 100 in the South Australian Country Darts Championships annual event. He has represented Whyalla darts in 17 Country Championships in a row now and next year will make eighteen.

Marks best leg of 501 so far is a ten darter: 140, 180, 177 and double 2. Mark has hit the magical 170 peg-out at least a dozen times and hit two in one competition at a Country Darts Championship Tournament. Mark hit five 180’s in one night in the Whyalla Wednesday League a few years back.

Mark sees his highest achievements as:

    • Being named the most valuable player in the Country versus State team.
    • Taking a leg off Keith Deller in a demonstration game.
    • Putting up a good show against John Lowe who threw a 14 dart game of 801 against him.

**Since this article was written Mark has captained the Whyalla Super League team to a state title!**

Mark say’s that his favorite darts player to watch is Phil Taylor. I asked Mark if he modeled his throwing action on any other player and he said that he just throws with his own natural style. He uses 22 gm Unicorn darts which he has been using for about 20 years.

Mark also owns a set of Phil Taylor World Champion 22gm darts and a set of 24gm Nodor Hexoset 1801 series 85% Tungsten darts.

When I asked him if he had any tips for up and coming players he said to always keep very steady, still, relaxed, stay composed, play the board not the player and don’t let the game get the better of you no matter what happens.

We'll have another player profile for you soon so check back often and happy darting.