Welcome to Darts Addiction's Competitions page!

Sorry but we don't have any competitions running at the moment.

We are quite busy with rebuilding Darts Addiction at the moment but we will look into running some new one's as time permits. Maybe we could offer darts equipment from one of our sponsors in the future and promote it on Facebook?

We are currently open to offers from darts equipment suppliers if they would like help in promoting products. :DWinning Darts Photo

A while back we held a couple of comp's for the Best Darts Photos submitted which was quite interesting. The prizes were cash and while we did get some nice photos sent in, we didn't get a massive amount of interest so we stopped it.

Maybe we could hold a competition for the best darts stories? I'm pretty sure I could tell a few myself so there must be some crackers out there that you darts folks would like to share?

A best darts video comp' could work out nicely too I suspect. Feel free to share your opinions on what type of contest you may like to see and we'll see where that takes us.

Happy darting! :)