Darts-addiction.com is wholly owned and run by myself, Chris Elsby.

I live in Whyalla, South Australia but I was born in Farnworth, Lancashire, England, the old dart! (Many moons ago!) I have some very good friends who help me develop ideas for Darts-addiction.com and some of them will be writing articles with me in the future.

The beginning… I have loved the game of darts ever since I first played in competition back in 1984. When I first started going to pubs with my mates I would always find a dartboard to throw at even if it was by myself. The big thing was 8 ball for everyone else but not me. I’m a darts addict through and through.

I played darts at home with my Dad, till I left home, with my mates at every opportunity and it still didn’t satisfy my needs. I even convinced my boss that we needed a dartboard in the crib-room at work so that I could get a fix in at work.

There was a stage in my life when I really burned the candle at both ends by, for one thing, working from seven in the morning till 7:30 in the evenings five days a week and working Saturdays from six till two in the afternoon. Secondly I was playing darts in a social darts comp’ for beer and money on Friday nights at the Lord Gowrie Hotel, for beer and cash at Westlands Hotel on Saturday afternoons, playing singles and pairs for cash and beer on Sunday at Centrals (later it moved to the Whyalla Hotel), first division league on Monday nights, mixed league darts on Tuesday nights at the Gowrie, our local men's super-league on Wednesdays and Thursdays… well Thursday was my night off of course.

There is no way on God’s Earth that I could manage even a third of that load now! Whew, I feel tired just thinking about it. I now only play comp on Mondays and play against friends on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Nowadays I use my web site as my darts addiction outlet in the hope that others with the same addiction can be entertained, add their own stories to my blog page or find something else here that interests them.

Well that's enough about us for now, so please enjoy your visit!