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It's been a long time coming but we're very happy to announce that we are finally bringing new content to the site.

Darts Addiction is not just going to be bringing you lots of new content, we have moved to a new web host which will allow us to completely redesign Darts Addiction from the ground up.

Among the new "upgrades" will be the ability to provide our visitors with the ability to comment on our articles in real time so that you can get involved if you like.

We'll also be bringing you articles on darts equipment, discussion pages for many darts topics and news about current darts events.

Please be patient with us as we are still debugging the new site.


The Future of Darts

The darts leagues in my cherished home town of Whyalla, South Australia have ridden a very rocky road over the past couple of decades and some of the leagues have barely hung in there at times. I feel that we are probably one of the cities more affected by changing laws, retiring committee members and the general attitudes of the younger players who are relatively new to our great game.

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I don't have all the answers of course but here at Darts Addiction we can provide a place for good humoured, constructive discussion to help get things back on track.

Maybe with the help of other leagues who have trodden this path before us we can create a bright new future for darts in Whyalla and for any other leagues around the world experiencing the same difficulties.