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Welcome to the Whyalla Darts page!

Whether you’re already a darts player in Whyalla or you’re looking to join a team or maybe even start your own team with your friends, you are in the right place. We’re creating a friendly online environment where we can better organise our leagues via online meetings, discussions and messaging. If you’re looking for players for your team this is the place to find them and for them to find you.

For the moment this is just a landing page for the upcoming Whyalla Darts web site. By the time you read this however, we will probably have already begun building the brand new dedicated site for Whyalla darts. It will be the ideal place to post your fixture lists,  results, meeting reminders and league information.

We can give your league it’s very own pages where all your members can look up the latest information that you publish and also reply to posts that you put up for your members.

To begin with we will be focusing on one league only to help us to understand how to proceed with the development of a fully interactive site that will help to revitalise all of our leagues in the future.

We will try to get an interactive notice board up as soon as possible however for those who have questions or want to book their league in for the next position on the new site.

For now though, happy darting and we’ll be back with an update soon!

Whyalla Darts

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We're finally going ahead with our plans to redesign and expand the site! We have moved to another server with much more bandwidth and freedom to bring you better and more interactive content.

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