Professional Darts

Welcome to Darts Addiction's Professional Darts page!

Whoops, it looks like you caught us with our pants down, so to speak!

We will be bringing you brand new article's on which darts the best players in the world are using and will pay special attention to any new products to hit the scene.

Our old page was rather outdated and contained links to an affilite's site that we have since parted ways with. This was due to their complete refusal to not only pay what they owed us, but to not respond in anyway whatsoever. Goodbye and good luck!

Onwards and upwards I say as we are plowing ahead with newfound energy and enthusiasm towards creating one of the best darts web sites on the planet. We have a new web host and we've completely rebuilt the site from the ground up.

I will not be alone in my endeavours this time out however, as I have a new wife who is also a darts addict and we will be introducing new writers from time to time as Darts Addiction grows into a place where all darts addicts can have fun and interact with each other.

I have realized that quite a lot of visitors to our site may have thought that this page was about Professional dart players rather than the darts that they use. It is for this very reason that we will also be providing you with news on the top professional dart players as the top events unfold. Coming soon...

Please check back here again soon as we are going full steam ahead as of now to bring you all that we can to try to appease all of the darts addicts out there!


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We're finally going ahead with our plans to redesign and expand the site! We have moved to another server with much more bandwidth and freedom to bring you better and more interactive content.

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