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Ever wonder why (good) peg out charts don’t suggest throwing for treble twenty first with 122, 126 or 128 peg out left? If so then this page is for you!

I’ll get straight to the point in explaining that it’s all about leaving yourself a chance of finishing the game with your remaining two darts if you were to miss the treble and hit the single of the number that you are aiming at.

Example: 122 peg out. If you hit a single twenty you are left with 102 which requires a minimum of three darts to check out. It won’t matter if you leave a double if your opposition pegs out in the mean time!

Solution: Follow the peg out chart! Go for a treble 18 first . If you hit a single 18 it will leave 104 which can be done in two darts, treble 18 (54) and Bull (50). Any chance is better than no chance!

Another example: 128 peg out. If you hit a single twenty you are left with 108 which requires a minimum of three darts to check-out.

Solution: Go for a treble 18 first . If you hit a single 18 it will leave 110 which can still be pegged out in two darts, treble 20 (60) and Bull (50).

These are all peg outs where you shouldn’t go for treble twenty first: 119, 122, 123, 125, 126, 128, 129, 132 & 135.

Of course in some cases you may need to throw for treble 19 first like with 119, 123, 126 & 129.

With 125, 132 & 135 it is the bull that you should be aiming at first because the single of this will still leave a possible two dart check-out.

For example with 132 left if you hit a single bull i.e. 25, you will be left with the two dart peg out; 107 which is treble 19 (57) and centre bull (50).

The more often you go for these "higher percentage" peg outs, the more often you will achieve high pegs and this will mean that you should win more games.

It may at times seem too difficult to get these higher check-outs (unless you are playing at an elite level) and you may be tempted to just try to get the score down before you think about checking out. Trust me, you will never know if you never try!

Our peg out chart is colour coded with white strip for even number pegs and yellow for odd!

The peg out chart has the standard board measurements for steel darts competition at the bottom of the chart. If you only need these measurements and not the chart then they are:

Board Setup:

Centre-Bull to Floor = 5’ 8” or 1.72M

Board to Oche = 7’9 ¼ “ or 2.37M (Don't forget to allow for the thickness of the backing board/cabinet and dartboard.)

Centre-Bull to Oche (Diagonal) = 9’7 ½” or 2.97M

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