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Welcome to darts-addiction.com′s Darts Photos page where you can submit your photos or take a look at what´s already here.

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And now a special presentation to a special man & dart player: Peter Elsby!

Peter Elsby has been playing darts for about half a century now and has made a lot of good friends along the way. He was unfortunately forced to give up playing a while back due to illness in the form of cancer.

He has since then endured a big operation and all of the pain and discomfort involved with it and has also recently been on a course of chemotherapy. He has however recovered quite well and even came out for a guest appearance at a Whyalla 1st division game.

Peter was awarded with a life membership to the Whyalla darts league a few years back, for his many years of service on the committee. He is also an outstanding father, husband, grandfather, great-grandfather and great human being. Peter and his wife Sylvia have fostered several children in the past and hold together a big wonderful loving family.

The "Pete′s Boys" team, yep the name of the team was changed in his honour, had a team shirt ready to present to him upon his arrival at the club. We took some photos for the Darts Photos page to mark the occasion.

Presentation of Peter Elsby's darts shirt
From left ­ Colin Davies and Gordon Ashworth look on as Marcus Cleasby presents a "Pete′s Boys" shirt to Peter Elsby

Peter Elsby accepting his darts shirt
Marcus Cleasby congratulates Peter Elsby on his return to darts

Peter Elsby inspecting his new darts shirt
Peter inspects his new darts shirt

Pete's Boys darts team
The "Pete′s Boys" team from left-back ­ Marcus Cleasby, Colin Davies, Chris Elsby, Peter Elsby and Gordon Ashworth. Front - Sean McGuinness, Bronwyn Davies, Ben Rocchi and Tim Ashworth.

The Angling Club darts team
The Angling Club team ­ Jim Warren, Sean Mayes, Johnny Stewart, Graham Hall, Frank Holland and Terry Mcginniss.

Jim Warren and Peter Elsby
Long time friends Jim Warren and Peter Elsby.

Tim Ashworth throwing darts
Tim Ashworth playing a practice game against Peter Elsby.

Robyn Discombe watching the darts
Robyn Discombe came to support the "Pete′s Boys" team.

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