Darts Equipment

Cheap Darts
Looking for cheap darts equipment? Darts Addiction will soon be looking at a range of cheaper tungsten darts for those who are looking for a bargain. Just because they are cheap doesn't mean they're not good quality!

Professional Darts
If you're after the best darts that money can buy then you will want to try out some professional darts equipment. How about some Phil Taylor Unicorns for starters or maybe Barney´s "Shark Grip´s" may be more up your alley?

We also take a look at what's new since we last did this and that's quite a lot!

Dart Flights
Choosing the ideal flights is much more straight forward though, right? Or is it? We´ll take a look at a few of the typical shapes and textures and explain some of the finer points, no pun intended, to choosing the best ones for you.

Dart Stems
Aluminium shafts or plastic? Long or short, with protectors or without? We´ll give our take on this and let you decide on this very important aspect of the game.

Dart Books
What goes through the minds of the games greatest players while they´re up on the big stage? Phil Taylor, Wayne Mardle, John Lowe and Eric Bristow commit their thoughts to paper in just a few of these exciting books that you will find here.

Other Darts Equipment
So you´ve got your darts with flights and stems to spare and you have a dartboard to practice on. What now? Sharpeners, grip wax, flight protectors and re-pointing tools are just some of the other darts equipment featured here.

If you´re learning your pegs then you´ll need a peg out chart to learn from. You can download ours for free if you'd like to print one yourself.

We also have a Peg-Out-Page with some explanations as to why you shouldn´t throw for a twenty first, necessarily, if you have over a hundred to peg. If you would rather just download the peg-out-chart then download it here in .pdf format - Peg Out Chart Download

You will need Adobe Reader to view this .PDF document. If you don't already have it then download it here:

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